Virtual Worlds and Mobile Games

Since we commenced operations, we have developed, launched and currently operate the following nine virtual worlds in web-based platforms: Aobi Island, Aola Star, Dragon Knights, Light of Aoya, Legend of Aoqi, Clashes of Aoqi, Magic Fighter, Super Badilong and Aoyi Alliance. Our virtual worlds allow children to play various games and fun-learning activities while exploring each virtual world and its storyline, and interacting with other users. New episodes containing new games, activities and storyline updates are released each week for each virtual world to provide users with a continuous, engaging experience. As a result, our virtual worlds have won numerous industry awards and gained strong brand awareness and loyalty among children in China.

In terms of games and virtual worlds, we continued to optimize our existing virtual worlds for PC and mobile game businesses, while introducing new products to cater to market demand. The newly-launched web game Aoyi Alliance (「 奧義聯盟」) recorded a very strong performance and began monetization in July 2017. Aoyi Alliance is our latest multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) webgame and the heroes in such game originated from IPs of our proprietary virtual worlds. We recreated the IPs in Aoyi Alliance and combined them with innovative gameplay to provide users with a fresh experience. As to mobile games, Zaowufaze (「造物法則」), adapted from our original comic IP, recorded a strong performance, not only drawing in Chinese comic fans but also successfully attracting overseas agents to operate the game in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, growing its global player base.