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Aola Star is a space-themed adventure set in a futuristic space world. Users play the role of an “Aola,” a courageous creature who travels around the universe to battle the forces of evil, protect the environment and bring peace to the galaxy. Aola Star primarily revolves around a pet evolution and battle system, focusing on collecting and developing “Yabi,” various creatures living in space. It also has fun-learning games and activities such as the “ 奧拉十萬問,” or “One Hundred Thousand Aola Questions,” a trivia quiz game that lets users answer questions about various topics in exchange for in-world rewards; and an association system, where users can join groups such as the Animal Association, Yabi Association and Adventure Association and gain knowledge about those topics while interacting with other like-minded users.

According to the iResearch Report, Aola Star was the fourth most popular children’s virtual world in China as measured  by Baidu search index in 2013. Aola Star was awarded the “Innovative Online Game Award” at the Ninth China International Internet Culture Expo in 2011 and the “China Internet Animation Brand Award” at the Tenth China International Internet Culture Expo in 2012.