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Aobi Island was open beta launched in September 2008 and is our oldest and one of our most successful virtual worlds. Users role-play the part of the Aobi, bear-like creatures inhabiting the island, and embark on a series of adventures and interactions with the island’s inhabitants, environment and other users. Aobi Island is unique in that it does not have a leveling or battling system, and instead focuses on social community to encourage users to interact with each other and become unique characters in the world’s storyline via dress-up and virtual houses. With many games and activities that teach children social and developmental skills, Aobi Island contains numerous fun-learning elements which provide children the opportunity to satisfy their entertainment needs while gaining important knowledge about the real world. These elements include a job system, where users can act as doctors, restauranteurs, zookeepers or architects, among others, to discover and develop their interests; a mail system to teach users about cultures and customs of the world; a system for raising, caring for and evolving pets; and a banking and ATM system.

According to the iResearch Report, Aobi Island was the third most popular children’s virtual world in China as measured by the number of searches recorded by Baidu search index in 2013. Aobi Island has won various awards within the industry, including “Best Children’s Social Game” at the Third Web Game and Social Network Site Operations Conference in 2010 and the Golden Page Award for being one of China’s Top 10 Web Games at the Fourth China Web Games and Mobile Games Summit in 2011.