Products & Platforms

We offer interactive virtual worlds for children between the ages of six and fourteen. In these virtual worlds, users adopt avatars and participate in various games and fun-learning activities set against the background of each world’s ever-evolving storyline and theme. As they explore these worlds, children can socially interact with other users, personalize their avatars and learn about the world’s story and its inhabitants. An episode that contains new games, fun-learning activities and storyline updates is released each week for each virtual world. All of our virtual worlds promote our core brand values of “Dreams, Friendship and Development.”

Our operating model of releasing weekly episodes promotes healthy usage among our users, which, combined with our enjoyable content and our platform’s robust security features, such as content and language filters, restrictions on access time and parental controls, provides parents with the comfort to allow their children to use our products and services. Additionally, we have released without interruption new weekly episodes for each of our virtual worlds since its launch.

Users can participate in various activities when exploring our virtual worlds. These activities include:

  • Playing new games and fun-learning activities that are included in each world’s weekly episode;
  • Decorating and personalizing the appearance of their in-world avatar with a variety of clothing, accessories and flair, and their in-game personal space, typically in the form of a virtual house, with a variety of furniture and adornments;
  • Completing quests assigned by non-player characters ("NPCs"), for in-world experience and rewards;
  • Being a part of communities within the virtual world and participating in large-scale in-world events with other users; and
  • Raising and caring for virtual pets.

Since we commenced our operations, we have developed, commercially launched and currently operate a number of platforms and virtual worlds, including: