Other Platform Products & Services
  • Tuyaban

    Tuyaban, which stands for “Drawing Board,” is our online drawing and cartoon community where users can create artwork using our online drawing toolkit and share their creations with a vast community. Users have the option of drawing freehand or starting from a number of preset cartoon models, backgrounds and ornaments. Users can also save unfinished works online to continue at a later time. Once their creation is complete, a user can publish it to the wider Tuyaban community and receive comments and praise from their fellow artists. As of March 2014, over half a million pieces of artwork have been published by our users on Tuyaban. Through feedback from the Tuyaban community, we have identified a strong need for and interest in cartoon drawing tutorials, and expect to expand Tuyaban into a full fledged cartoon and animation platform that offers tutorials, cartoon creation tools and cartoon sharing services.

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  • Quanquan

    Quanquan, or “Circles,” is an online forum designed to allow children to find friends with common interests, learn about new things and express themselves online. Users can join forums, or social “Circles,” for a variety of topics, including our virtual worlds, cartoons and animation, movies, zodiac signs, jokes and humor. Through Quanquan, users can also chat with online friends from any of our virtual worlds through their unique Duoduo ID. As of December 31, 2013, Quanquan had approximately 6.9 million registered users. In the first quarter of 2014, we launched the mobile version of Quanquan.

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  • Planet of Light

    Planet of Light is a farming and city-building simulation social network game designed for children of ages six to fourteen. Users role-play as the creator of a small planet and participate in various aspects of farm and city management such as planting, growing, harvesting and selling crops, constructing buildings and managing resources. Users can also interact with each other to receive special rewards to decorate their planets.

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  • Aoduo Park

    Aoduo Park is a fun-learning product designed for children of ages three through six. Through enjoyable activities such as playing house, doodling and creating and enacting animated stories, Aoduo Park is designed with the social developmental needs and characteristics of young children in mind and provides them with a healthy online environment where they can interact with other users and learn new things outside of traditional education.

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  • Zhiliao

    Zhiliao is an encyclopedia-style resource database focused on topics that our users are most interested in, including our virtual worlds, elementary and middle school subjects and extracurricular activities. Users can post questions and have them answered by other users with shared similar experiences.

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  • Third-party Games

    We operate on our platform several web games developed by third parties on a revenue-sharing basis.