Comic IP Development

Leveraging comic IPs to offer pan-entertainment derivative products is one of our key growth strategy, and we set up a special comic production platform, Baiman Culture. Currently our website, (「百田網」), has become one of the most popular informational entertainment destinations for children and young generation. We will promote our proprietary comic series IPs, including the highly acclaimed comics, XiXingJi (「西行紀」) and Zaowufaze (「造物法則」), and the newest release, Juexingzhe (「絕行者」), by making full use of our entertainment destination to strengthen our image of developing comic IPs and to provide a variety of peripheral information on our animations and comics. We will also license out our IPs to expand and develop the universe of animations and games that use our characters in order to broaden our reach and expand our revenue streams. New projects will continue to be developed based upon our high quality IPs. We may consider acquiring more IPs in order to attract new users

We made remarkable breakthroughs in the comic IP business, especially through our cooperation with Tencent Interactive Entertainment for the XiXingJi (「西行紀」) IP. BAIOO and Tencent Interactive Entertainment established the XiXingJi IP Production Committee to jointly promote the development of XiXingJi in the areas of film and television projects, game licensing, comics, peripherals and literature. An online animation of this IP is expected to be launched in November 2017. As content production and IP creation are our strongest expertise, we believe that the partnership can be applied to other star IPs in the future, and will facilitate to continue exploring business opportunities throughout the pan-entertainment industry value chain.