History and Milestones

The history of our Group can be traced back to 2009 when Guangzhou Baitain, our PRC operating entity, was established in the PRC by our Founders, who used their own financial resources to fund Guangzhou Baitian.

In 2009, our Group commenced to engage in online entertainment and fun-learning businesses for children, which feature enjoyable games and activities with fun-learning elements weaved, throughout engaging cartoon storylines. Our headquarters are located in Guangzhou, PRC.

Key milestones of our corporate and business development:

September 2008 Open beta launched Aobi Island (奧比島), our first virtual world, through Altratek Guangdong
June 2009 Guangzhou Baitian was incorporated in Guangzhou, PRC
September 2009 Our Company was incorporated in the Cayman Islands
October 2009 Baitian Hong Kong was incorporated in Hong Kong
November 2009 Aobi Island was awarded Women and Children’s Favorite Brand by China Women and Children Development Center
March 2010 Beijing WFOE was incorporated in Beijing, PRC
April 2010 The Pre-IPO investment in us by Sequoia was completed
July 2010 Open beta launched Aola Star (奧拉星)
April 2011 Open beta launched Dragon Knights (龍鬥士)
July 2011 Aobi Island was granted Baidu Web Game Award by Baidu Game Billboard (百度風雲榜)
July 2011 Open beta launched Light of Aoya (奧雅之光)
April 2012 Open beta launched Legend of Aoqi (奧奇傳說)
May 2012 Launched 100bt.com
September 2013 Open beta launched Clashes of Aoqi (奧奇戰記)
September 2013 Open beta launched WenTa (問他)
October 2013 Guangzhou WFOE was incorporated in Guangzhou, PRC
April 2014 BAIOO Family Interactive Limited was listed on the main board of HKEx
July 2014 Commercially released Magic Fighter (魔王快打)
Jan 2015  Commercially released FPS game Arcade Combat (特戰英雄)
May 2015  Entered maternity market with strategic partnership with Bumps to Babes