Company Overview

We are one of the top children’s web game and mobile game developers in China.

Our website, (「百田網」), serves as an all-in-one platform for proprietary content that is designed for children aged 6 through 14 to explore virtual worlds, purchase virtual currency, interact with other users, access communities related to e-learning and cartoons, and participate in a variety of other activities. Users of the platform can register a single account, represented by a unique “Duoduo” ID, to access all of our products and services. 

Since we commenced operations, we have developed, launched and currently operate the following eight virtual worlds in web-based platforms: Aobi Island, Aola Star, Dragon Knights, Light of Aoya, Legend of Aoqi, Clashes of Aoqi, Magic Fighter, and Super Badilong. Our virtual worlds allow children to play various games and fun-learning activities while exploring each virtual world and its storyline, and interacting with other users. New episodes containing new games, activities and storyline updates are released each week for each virtual world to provide users with a continuous, engaging experience. As a result, our virtual worlds have won numerous industry awards and gained strong brand awareness and loyalty among children in China.

To expand our intellectual property (“IP”) portfolio for long-term growth, we have set up a new comic arm which currently operates various IP of online comic series, such as Zaowufaze (「造物法則」) comic and XiXingJi (「西行紀」). Zaowufaze is a zombie-themed sci-fi online comic series rated as an “S” or “A+” by leading online comic websites and it has accumulated over 1.1 billion click-views and over 740,000 clicks-to-collection since its launch in August 2015. XiXingJi is an award-winning fantasy adventure story adapted from classic Chinese literature and has accumulated over 2.7 billion click-views and over 1.0 million clicks-to-collection since its launch in April 2016.

The Group continues to offer a healthy pipeline of products for personal computers (“PC(s)”) and mobile devices in 2016. We launched three new products in 2016. In March 2016, we launched, Super Badilong (「超凡巴迪龍」), formally known as Monster Mobile (「妖怪手機」), a browser-based virtual world targeting children aged 7 to 14, featuring adventure, life-simulation, and role-playing, which started monetization through the sale of virtual items in September 2016. In addition, we launched Three Kingdoms (「可以,這很三國」) in October 2016, a mobile game based on the famous Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history with unique and innovative gameplay targeting all age groups. Leveraging our popular web comic IP, we also released the MMORPG of Zaowufaze (「造物法則」) in December 2016, in response to the increasing demand from the comic fans. The Group will continue to pursue potential cooperation with well-known comic IPs while leveraging its newly acquired IP portfolio to develop engaging products and drive improvement on operating metrics through focusing on “fun” in 2017.

For our baby and maternity product business, we formed a strategic partnership with Hong Kong’s leading maternity product provider, Bumps to Babes Limited (“Bumps to Babes”). Such new venture has expanded Bumps to Babes into China as a one-stop-shop for parents to purchase safe, trusted and premium baby products via e-commerce. Its e-commerce platform, BumpsBB (, was launched in the fourth quarter of 2015. Currently, over 4,000 of the top-selling maternity items on BumpsBB are sourced from a range of reputable overseas suppliers, and can be shipped across China at affordable prices.