Company Overview

BAIOO is one of China’s largest online entertainment destination designed for children and one of the top children’s web game developers in China with a leading market share.  It has a fast-growing user base, with average quarterly active accounts increasing from 24.2 million in 2011 to 49.1 million in 2015. Since the company commenced its operations, it has developed, commercially launched and currently operate eight virtual worlds, namely, Aobi Island, Aola Star, Dragon Knights, Light of Aoya, Legend of Aoqi, Clashes of Aoqi, Magic Fighter, and Monster Mobile. BAIOO’s virtual worlds are designed for children between the ages of six and fourteen and allow them to play various games and fun-learning activities while exploring each virtual world and its storyline and interacting with other users. New episodes containing new games and activities and storyline updates are released each week for each virtual world to provide users with a continuous, engaging experience. In May 2015, BAIOO formed a strategic partnership with Hong Kong’s leading maternity product provider Bumps to Babes by acquiring 74.9% of its equity interest.

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